Nutraceuticals and Health Food
We provide great quality Nutraceuticals and Health Food which are available in several types. They help in preventing and treating disease and also supplement the diet. They are attributed by accurate composition, no side effects and free from impurities.

Animal Feed Supplement
We provide pure and fresh quality Animal Feed Supplements. They help to reduce  trace elements deficiencies, improve  feed conversion of both dry and green feed. They are adulteration free, have great texture and taste.
Pharmaceuticals & API Supplement
Use our top most quality Pharmaceuticals & API Supplements which are available in different types. They contain full of mineral and nutrition. They are beneficial, give excellent performance, are hygienic and fresh.
Agriculture products
Use our superior quality Fertilizer (Bio Organic Agri Products) which are Eco friendly composts. They do not contain any synthetics, are organic, are advantageous to soil and many more. They are available in different types.
Agriculture Ingredients and Formulations
Agriculture Ingredients and Formulations render boosted production in harvests. In all cases, their intermittent utilization make Eco-friendly impacts. It can also better the quality as well as fertility of soil and can figure out the difficulties of salinity occurred in soil.
Bacteriological Media Ingredients
The Bacteriological Media Ingredients are functional as the highly capable energy source that can also oxidize one molecule. It can also be employed in the food processing processes.
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Use our top most quality Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins which are available in several types. They are used in variety of food items, have fresh aroma, natural, have good solubility and give better mouth fullness.
ReadyMED Culture Media
ReadyMED Culture Medias promote retention of supplementation into the blood via intestinal dividers. These stop the entry of harmful particles from entering into the circulatory system. Provided with positive physiological consequences, it maintains the well-being of user.
Yeast Powder
Use our superior quality Yeast Powders which are fresh and adulteration free. They are used in several food items and make them delicious. They are featured by great texture, good aroma and slightly hygroscopic.

A large share of our revenue is generated through exports. We export almost 40% of our products.

Mumbai Office:

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