Animal Feed Supplement

Insuring that animals have optimal diets that need feed supplementation is really essential. Animal Feed Supplementation can be given to grazing animals during the dry as well as rainy season. They supplement grazing when it is deficient in minerals and trace minerals. Provided supplements assist in improving feed conversion of both dry and green feed, reduced trace elements deficiencies, decreased shrinkage in transit and introduction and exit from feedlots. It assists the livestock to experience improved fertility, lower stress levels, faster and calmer weaning, and better health overall. Animal Feed Supplementation can provide nutrients either extracted from food sources or synthetic, individually or in combination, in order to increase the quantity of their consumption. It increases production, fertility, growth and amends skeletal development.
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Chelated Multi Minerals Supplements

Price: 200.00 - 250.00 INR

We offer various Multi mineral Formulations for better growth of poultry and cattle. 1. Protein Digest : NurtiMin - 7 ( 7 Mineral Formulation ) 2. Protein Digest : NutriMin - ZMCC( 4Mineral Formulation) 3. Protein Digest : NutriMin - MZC 4. Protein Digest : NutriMin -T ( 8 Mineral formulation) 5. Protein Digest : Cal+ P(Soluble Calcium & Phosphorus)

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Hydrolysed Protein Powder

Price: 200.00 - 250.00 INR
  • Function:Nutritional
  • Grade:Technical
  • Use:Animal Feed Supllement
  • Ingredients:Soya
  • Efficacy:Promote Growth
  • Product Type:Vegetable Powder
  • Delivery Time:3days Days
  • Supply Ability:100 tons/month Per Month
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Mineral Glycinates

Price: 200.00 - 300.00 INR

We Offer : Protein Digest -Mineral Glycinate Ferrous Glycinate Zinc Glycinate Manganese Glycinate Magnesium Glycinate Copper Glycinate Calcium Glycinate Boron Glycinate Cobalt Glycinate Selenium Glycinate Chromium Glycinate Iodine Glycinate Molybdenum Glycinate.

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Pre Digested Protein Supplements

Price: 150.00 - 220.00 INR/Parcel

Amino Acid Mineral Chelate ( Mineral Chelates 0 available in powder form


A large share of our revenue is generated through exports. We export almost 40% of our products.

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